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Activation Issues

If you are unable to activate your copy of Blocs, the issue may be caused by one of the following common scenarios.

Activation Limit

Each Blocs license can be activated twice, if you have activated Blocs on x2 Macs, the license number will no longer enable you to activate Blocs on any more. In order to use your license number to activate Blocs on another Mac, you will need to deactivate Blocs on one of the Macs it’s currently being used on.

App & License Mismatch

The license number for a previous version of Blocs will not activate a newer version of the software. This means if you try to use a Blocs V3 license number with Blocs V4, it will not activate and will throw an error. With this in mind, please take care to ensure you are using the correct version of the Blocs application with the correct license number. All previous versions of Blocs can be downloaded here.

Identify License Number Version

    • Blocs 3 & 4 – License number will contain dash characters
      Example: 123456AA-123456AA-123456AA-123456AA-123456AA.
    • Blocs 1 & 2 – License number will not contain dash characters
      Example: 123456abc123456abc123456abc12345.


Firewalls and apps such as Little Snitch can prevent Blocs from communicating with Paddle.com, which is required in order to check and verify your license number. Try temporarily disabling your firewall to activate Blocs or check that Blocs has permission to access the Paddle website.


If you are still having trouble getting up and running, you can get in touch with us here.

Updated on 26th April 2021

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