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Air Drop Troubleshooting

If you encounter the warning “Air Drop service is not available” when trying to share the Blocs preview URL using Air Drop, the cause may be specific to the configuration of your Mac. Below are some common reasons why this warning might be triggered.

Air Drop Settings

Air Drop has settings that can restrict who can send things to the device. If set to “Contacts Only” and the sending user is not a contact, or if Air Drop is set to “Receiving Off”, then it would not be available.

Network Configuration

Air Drop requires both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to be turned on. It also doesn’t work on public or corporate networks that have certain types of network restrictions in place.

MacOS Issues

There could be a temporary software glitch causing the service to be unavailable. This could be addressed by a system reboot or a reset of the network settings.

Firewall Settings

The Mac’s firewall settings may prevent Air Drop from sending and receiving connections. Make sure the firewall settings on the device are not blocking outgoing and incoming connections.

Concurrent Air Drop Operations

If there are other ongoing Air Drop transfers, the service might not be available until they are completed.

Updated on 12th December 2023

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