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Infinite Pre-loader

The Problem

I just updated my site with the latest version of Blocs and now my site has an infinite pre-loader when I visit it in my web browser.

Why This Happens

In versions of Blocs above 2.5 the way pre-loaders work has changed. These changes are contained within the blocs.js file that is included when you export your site with Blocs. When you are loading your site in the browser, the old cached version of the blocs.js file is being loaded and is causing your site to not respond correctly.

The Solution

You can first try hard reloading the page to flush the browser cache. If that fails, you will need to go directly to blocs.js file on your server via a browser and then hard reload that resource.

The blocs.js file will be located in the following location:



Updated on 15th October 2018

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