Oversized Text

The Problem

I migrated my Blocs V2 project to Blocs v3 and now the text on my site looks too big.

The Reason

After you migrate a Blocs V2 project to V3 you may notice the text looks bigger. This is because Bootstrap 4 now uses larger font sizes across all of its’ core typography styling. The reference below illustrates the differences between Bootstrap 3 and 4 regrading font sizes for the heading tags.

Bootstrap 3

H1 = 36px
H2 = 30px
H3 = 24px
H4 = 18px
H5 = 14px
H6 = 12px

Bootstrap 4

H1 = 2.5 rem
H2 = 2 rem
H3 = 1.75 rem
H4 = 1.5 rem
H5 = 1.25rem
H6 = 1rem

The Solution

Use the Blocs project settings text options to customise your sites global text size values.

Updated on 21st November 2018

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