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Upgrading to Blocs 4

Black Friday!

Looking to get the Black Friday deal? Then follow the guide on this page to access the upgrade discount.

If you have a valid license for Blocs V3, you will be happy to learn you can upgrade to Blocs V4 at a special discounted price saving you $30 off the list price of Blocs. The special discounted price may be adjusted when we run promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Please note, the price of Blocs 4 and upgrades to Blocs 4 may fluctuate if any taxes are applicable. For example, if you are purchasing from within the EU, VAT will also be added to the cost of upgrading. It’s also important to remember prices are localised to your currency, this means exchange rates may slightly affect prices.

Access Upgrade Discount

To gain access to this discounted upgrade pricing, please follow the steps below.

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Blocs V3 (3.5.8) on your Mac, if you don’t have this version, you can read about updating Blocs here or download the latest version of Blocs V3 directly from the Blocs V3 release archives. If you have Blocs V3 but have forgotten your license number, you can get that resent to you here.

2. Launch Blocs V3.5.7 and open the main Blocs application preferences, you can access them via the main menu Blocs > Preferences.

3. Now from the preferences window, click the tab labelled License. If your copy of Blocs V3.5.7 is activated, you will notice two upgrade buttons. Clicking either of these buttons will open your browser and walk you through the steps to purchasing Blocs V4 or Blocs V4 Plus at a special discounted upgrade price.


Please note, when upgrading, you only need to select one option. If you upgrade to Blocs V4 and want to expand at a later date to Blocs Plus, you can do that in-app.


Please note, when you are re-directed to the checkout in your web browser, the discount amount will be automatically applied to the order for you.

Migrating to Blocs 4

Projects created in Blocs 3 will run in Blocs v4, however they may need some additional tweaks. You can read more about project migration here.

Having Trouble?

If you are still having issues upgrading, you can get in touch with support here.

Updated on 25th November 2021

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