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Custom Bric Tags

The following tags can be used in custom Brics to add additional characteristics and functionality.


The container tag lets you add a section within your custom Bric that other Brics can be placed within.


Beginners note

The container tag must appear exactly how it is displayed in the example above. It cannot include child tags within it or additional data attributes on the tag itself.

PHP Snippet

The PHP snippet tag is intended to be used as a wrapper for PHP code that is included within the HTML of a custom Bric. This tag helps to prevent mutations in the PHP code that occur when the PHP is rendered as HTML within the Blocs design environment. Upon preview and export this tag is replaced in the following way:

<bric-php-snippet> becomes <?php.

</bric-php-snippet> becomes ?>.

<bric-php-snippet> Your PHP Code Goes Here </bric-php-snippet>

Updated on 12th December 2023

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