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Custom Bric Global Colours

Global Swatches can now be applied to almost any element in a website. Custom Brics are also able to access Global Swatches, however, support for them is not enabled by default and will require special consideration as they will only work under specific circumstances.

How Global Swatches Work

Global swatches use CSS variables to apply colour to an element. When the source variable is edited, all elements that use it will be updated.

When using Global Swatches in a custom Bric it’s important to remember that CSS variables will only work when they are accessed within the main HTML rendering layer of a website. Placing CSS variables into Javascript or PHP may not work. With this in mind, Bric developers should thoroughly check colour functionality if they enable Global Swatch support for a colour well that is used in a Brics user interface.


If you are storing colours as template values used in external resources, it’s unlikely Global Swatches will function correctly. Global Swatches should ideally be used within your Brics HTML that is present on the page when a browser renders it.

How to Enable Global Swatch Support

By default, the colour well UI component used in all custom Brics has the Global Swatch support disabled. This means when the colour well popover opens the Global Swatch tab will not be available.

To enable it, open your Bric in the Bric Builder, select the target colour well in your Brics UI and enable the checkbox labelled Global Swatches.


Enabling this checkbox doesn’t ensure functionality with your Brics code. You must ensure the colour well value is used within the page HTML in order for it to work correctly.

Updated on 31st January 2023

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