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Using A Page Template

Although Blocs gives you the freedom to design a web page from scratch, there are times when you may wish to start from a pre-made page template. Blocs has some powerful templating features that allow you to easily store and export the pages you create within Blocs as templates.

How To Use A Page Template

When you start a fresh project or create a new page in a current project, you will be greeted by the Page Template Library. From this library, you can choose to add a blank page or a pre-made template if you have any saved or installed.

Beginner tip

When you add a page template that contains global area content you will be prompted as to whether you would like this data to be included in your project or not. Global area content is the content typically used for navigation and footer and is displayed on all project pages. You can read more about global areas here.

Updated on 16th October 2018

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