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WordPress Developer Plugin


When developing and designing WordPress themes with Blocs, we recommend using the Blocs Developer plugin. The plugin expands the WordPress rest API and adds additional endpoints, which allows Blocs to pull in widget, custom post and custom field data into the Blocs design environment.

This additional data is used to produce better in-app previews that contain real content from the live WordPress site.

Install Plugin

To install the plugin, click the button labelled add new in the plugins section of the WordPress admin area.

Now search for Blocs Developer Plugin. Clicking the install button will install the plugin into WordPress.

If you return to the main plugins section of the WordPress admin area, you will see Blocs Developer listed in your plugins. Once activated, your site will now be able to communicate in greater detail with Blocs.

Beginners Tip

Once development has finished, you can deactivate this plugin within the WordPress admin area. The Blocs developer plugin is not permanently required for WordPress themes created with Blocs.

Updated on 30th November 2020

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