Audio Player

The audio player Bric lets you add a basic HTML 5 audio player to your site that can be used to play MP3 audio files.

Adding an audio track

To set the audio track of an audio player, first open the Asset Manager and add an MP3 audio file using the + button. Now select the audio player Bric on the design canvas or via the layer tree and from the sidebar inspector pane, navigate to the drop down labelled File and select your recently added MP3 file from the available drop down options, this will set the selected audio file for the player.


The audio player Bric has various controls that can be found in the inspector sidebar, changes made to these controls can affect how the audio player reacts when the page is loaded.

Auto Play

Enabling auto play will cause the player to automatically begin playing its audio file, the moment the page loads.


Enabling loop will cause the player to play its audio track in a constant loop.


Disabling the controls will cause the audio player to have no user interface when the page loads, essentially making it hidden.

Updated on 14th January 2019

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