System Requirements

Q. What is the minimum version of MacOS I can use Blocs V5 with?

A. Blocs requires MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) minimum.

Q. How much disc space does Blocs require for installation?

A. Blocs requires roughly around 108MB of disc space.

Q. How many computers can I use Blocs on?

A. A single Blocs license allows you to use Blocs on x1 Mac computer.

Q. Does Blocs support case-sensitive file systems?

A. Unfortunately Blocs does not support case-sensitive file systems.

Q. Does Blocs work with Windows?

A. No. Blocs is Mac only. There are currently no plans to bring Blocs to Windows.

Upgrades and updates

Q. Are upgrades, free?

A. No. If you own Blocs 4 you can upgrade to Blocs 5 at a reduced price. You can read more about upgrades here.

Q. Are updates, free?

A. All updates for the current version of Blocs are free. For example, if you have Blocs 5.0 you can update to 5.1 for free. If you are currently using Blocs version 4 you will first need to upgrade to Blocs 5.0 in order to update to 5.1.

Q. What’s the difference between upgrades and updates?

A. An upgrade refers to moving from one major version to another, e.g. Blocs v4.5 to Blocs v5.0. An update refers to moving from one minor version to another, e.g. Blocs v5.0.1 to Blocs v5.0.2. Updates are free and upgrades require a reduced upgrade purchase fee. If you are currently using Blocs 4 you can read about upgrading to Blocs 5 here.

Q. Do you offer student discounts?

A. Yes, we offer student discounts. You can read more about student/academic here.

Q. Do you offer discount to Non Profit Organisations (NPO)?

A. Yes, we offer NPO discounts. You can read more about non-profit discounts here.


Q. How long does the Blocs trial last?

A. The Blocs trial is indefinite, however, it is limited in various ways. All app limitations are displayed at startup when Blocs runs in trial mode.

Q. Can Blocs open and edit any website or HTML Files?

A. No. Blocs has its own file format and does not support opening other file formats such as HTML files.

Q. Can I edit code in Blocs?

A. Blocs is not designed as a tool that manages code, this means it’s not possible to edit the code for an entire page within Blocs. However, Blocs does offer a code widget, along with various other code input entry points.

Q. Does Blocs export to standard web code?

A. Yes. Blocs exports to standard HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript.

Q. Does Blocs include hosting?

A. No. Blocs handles the design, creation and publishing of your website, it does not handle the hosting. We have this knowledge base post that offers advice for publishing a website created with Blocs.

Q. Can I create a large website with 100+ pages?

A. Yes. There are no page limitations for websites created with a full licensed version of Blocs.

Q. Can I create a store with Blocs?

A. Blocs doesn’t come with any built in store checkout features, however, it is possible to integrate 3rd party solutions such as PayPal, Paddle and Gum Road into Blocs using the code widget. It’s also worth noting that, if you build your site to work with a CMS, it’s possible to use a 3rd party store plugin for that CMS with your site once it’s live.

Q. What CMS’s does Blocs currently support?

A. You can find out which CMS’s Blocs currently supports here.

Q. Is there an API to create extras for Blocs?

A. Yes, it’s currently in Beta. You can find more info about the developer API here.

Q. What kind of support do you offer Blocs customers?

A. We offer online support as well as this online knowledge base. As we are a small independent company, we do not currently offer telephone support.

Q. Do you have a downloadable user manual for Blocs?

A. No. As Blocs is a web design app and is focused on the fast moving web design and development industry, we have found that it is more reliable for our users to offer this online knowledge base, as it prevents frustration caused by downloaded learning materials that have become outdated.

Updated on 24th November 2022

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